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Seatrout and Ladies in Matlacha Pass

Warming waters bring the bite back to Matlacha Pass. Seatrout and ladyfish woke up today. Redfish are moving back onto the oyster beds and the snook are moving back on the sand flats. This week is going to be good! Thanks to good friend Gordon Gillies for joining me today.



Charlotte Harbor / Pine Island Sound Fishing Report February, 17th, 2015



Light Tackle and Fly Fishing Conditions: Low water conditions will exist due the combination of astronomical tides and northerly winds. Water temps should rebound to the mid 60s during the weekend.

Bait: threadfin herring, pinfish, shrimp

Species to target this week: Redfish, Seatrout, Jacks, Ladyfish, Bluefish.

 Fishing Tactics: Work deep holes and grass flats for Redfish and seatrout where you will find warmer water. Snook fishing will be slow until the water temps rebound.

 My Fishing Tip of the Week: When the water temps drop use slow and deep fly  presentations.  

 7 day outlook: A cold will bring dropping temps and gusty Northerly winds mid week. By the weekend the temps will rebound and so will the fishing.



Charlotte Harbor / Pine Island Sound Fishing Report February, 9th, 2015




Conditions: Water temps in the 60s, no red tide detected, Average tides with morning ebbs. NW winds midweek will drain a bit more water from the backcountry than the tide predictions indicate.


Bait: threadfin herring, pinfish, shrimp


Fishing Tactics: Morning ebb tide will expose oyster beds. You’ll find Redfish, seatrout and other species there. As the tide rises move to points and cuts where the current is moving for snook and more Redfish action.


My Fishing Tip of the Week: Start presenting your flies well before reaching the exposed portion of oyster bars.  Redfish will be cruising the transition between the bed and the flat. Sinking crab and shrimp patterns with slow strips work best.


7 day outlook: Highs will be in the 70s with lows in the 40s and 50s. Strong NW winds on Tuesday otherwise light. Water temps remain in the 60s 20-30% chance of showers Monday and Tuesday.



Charlotte Harbor / Pine Island Sound Fishing Report 02-02-15

Conditions: Typical winter light tackle and fly fishing conditions. Low water levels and water temps in the high 60s to the low 70s. Lower salinity in the upper reaches of Charlotte Harbor. Average salinity in Pine Island and Gasparilla Sounds. No red tide issues to report. 

Bait: threadfin herring, pinfish, shrimp

Fishing Tactics: Seatrout are liking bright colored Clousers and fast strips. Redfish and snook are holding a bit deeper and are hitting on shrimp and crab patterns presented with slower strips.

My Fishing Tip of the Week: Grass flats warm quicker than the bars and oyster beds. There are bunches of small jacks and ladyfish on the outer edges of the grass flats if the redfish and snook action is slow.

7 day outlook: Water temps in the low to mid 60s. Air temps in 50s at night and 70s during the day. West - northwest winds will subside mid week then shift into the north and pick up again for Friday and the weekend. 60% chance of showers on Friday otherwise, a dry week.



New Florida Slams by FWC


December 16, 2014 “Gone Coastal” column By Amanda Nalley

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