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Kennebec River Estuary / Eastern Casco Bay Fishing Report 07/29/2019

Fishing Conditions: The striped bass have somewhat settled into their mid-summer habits. Water flow and clarity in the Kennebec River are both good. Water temps are 62*in the lower river and 78* near Merrymeeting Bay. This week will have morning rising tides.

Type of bait fish are feeding on...cont.

Now is the time to start paying attention to your fish finder.

Capt. Da e Pecci 07-29-19

Type of bait fish are feeding on: Sand eels, juvenile sea herring, river herring, alewives, American eel, menhaden, adult sea herring.

Water temperature inshore: 74*

Water temperature offshore:61*

7 day outlook: It's going to be a great week. With light winds and sunny skies.

Best techniques: As we close in on August bird activity is less helpful finding schools of stripers. Now is the time to start paying attention to your fish finder. Warmer water surface temperatures will cause the fish to hold in 15-25 feet of water.

Fly fishing tip of the week: Don't head out without your sinking line. Stripers are holding I deep water except for first light and dusk.

Spin fishing tip of the week: Weighted lures like bucktails work great this time of year. You can fish them deep or just below the surface depending on where you find the fish holding.

We're still catching them on 6" Storm Wild Eyes in fast current.

29" striper caught in 1" on a 7wt fly rod using a 10 pount tippet.

Nice striper caught on live eel up river on a going tide.

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