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Kennebec River Estuary / Eastern Casco Bay Fishing Report 6-20-2019

 Fishing Conditions: Good and improving. Schools of stripers are entering the estuary daily. They have not settled into their usual patterns, but they are now much easier to find. Surface action is taking place quite often.

"Today we caught somewhere around 40 striped bass up to 24" and, we also caught 5 20-22" shad!"

Capt. Dave Pecci June 19th, 2019

06-20-19 Fishing Report Continued

On June 19th we caught somewhere around 40 striped bass up to 24" and, we also caught 5 20-22" shad!

Type of bait fish are feeding on: Young of the year sea herring (brit), sand eels, river herring, alewives and American eel.

Water temperature inshore: 60* Water temperature offshore: 56*

7 day outlook: The next seven days should be great! Some rain on Thursday afternoon and Friday but a nice weekend is forecast. Water temps are still below average but well within the range that striped bass like. Water clarity should be good, and flow will subside a bit now that we are past the full moon.

Best techniques: Watch for the birds and follow the bait. If no surface action is found use your fishfinder to find schools near structure.

My tips of the week: Small fly patterns and lures are best right now in the lower river. Larger offerings are working upriver where the river herring and alewives are schooled up. With the cool water if you get bumps and refusals, speed up your strips and retrieves and you hook up.

Screen shot of a striped bass school. Classic image of them holding in deeper water just off the edge of a mud flat. 

One of six American Shad we caught ths week on the Kennebec. Great fun to catch. Thank you Maine DMR for your continued shad restortion efforts! 

Foggy mornings, fun clients and fly rods... It just doesn't gt any better than this!

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