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Florida Fishing

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Maine Fishing

Kennebec River, Casco Bay

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Posted by Capt. Dave Pecci on in Maine Fishing Videos

John Kern and his nieces Sara and Jennifer catch a bunch of Kennebec River stripers on spinning and fly fishing gear. We had a 200 pound harbor seal steel the last fish of the morning.

Posted by Capt. Dave Pecci on in Maine Fishing Videos

Gregg Jenkins and his wife Shelli fly fishing for striped bass on the Kennebec River. Greg catches the very first fish on his 9wt. bamboo fly rod that he built over the winter. Great work on the catch and the rod Gregg. The rod casted great with both a floating and Depthcharge line and has enough butt strength to lift a spirited striped bass.

Tom & Naomi Nicoll joined me for their 20th year of Kennebc River striped bass fishing. The morning turned out to be one of the best trips we have had. My clients have had great action on both fly and spinning gear over the past three weeks!

Posted by Capt. Dave Pecci on in Maine Fishing Videos

Hector, John and Henry Llorens from Atlanta, GA join Capt. Dave Pecci on the Obsession for a morning of great Kennebec River light tackle and fly fishing for striped bass. 

Posted by Capt. Dave Pecci on in Maine Fishing Reports

Mike & Leslie Harsip from MA with a nice June Kennebec striped bass 06-20-15 photo

Conditions: The striped bass have been moving around the river following bait. Some have moved well upriver. Water temps are in the high 50s to mid 60s.


Bait the fish are feeding on: Juvenile Atlantic herring, sand eel, river herring, eel

Species to fish for this week: Striped Bass, Atlantic Mackerel

Fishing Tactics: The schools of stripers are spending more time on structure now. Rather than feeding on the surface. Use your fishfinder to locate underwater ledges and banks with lots of current.  

My fly fishing tip of the week: Time go to Depthcharge lines, weighted flies and focus on structure.

My spin fishing tip of the week: Bucktail jigs and shad bodies will get you down to the fish.


7 day outlook: The weather is looking up after Sunday’s deluge. Inland rainfall amounts were much lower than along the coast so increased flow and run off should not be a problem this week. Falling morning tides should provide great fishing.

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