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Obsession Charters Update from Charlotte Harbor / Port Charlotte 03-13-20

Hello clients and blog followers, I thought I would update you on what happening in my part of Southwest Florida. I am in Maine working on some carpentry projects and will be flying to Port Charlotte on Saturday the 21st to resume guiding.

"I am rigged, ready and looking forward to guiding you on beautiful Charlotte Harbor. Your past, present and future business is greatly appreciated."

Capt. Dave Pecci 3/13/20

The fishing has been quite good though the wind has been a bit bothersome when the fronts roll through. It is subsiding as it usually does in mid-late March though. The snook, redfish and spotted trout have been cooperative on both fly and spinning gear. There's been a few jack crevalle around too. Water quality and clarity has been very good. It's been dry and sunny with temps in the 80s. The best action has been along the mangroves and close by troughs. The grass flats have been producing too. Spring has sprung on Charlotte Harbor.

Charlotte County has not initiated any restrictions on travel or gatherings due to coronavirus. Like communities across the rest of the country, area nursing homes and hospitals are limiting visitors. Most universities are going to remote studies after spring break. Stores and markets are fully stocked except for some minor and sporadic shortages of liquid soap and hand sanitizer. Hotels, churches and restaurants are all open. People are going about their business while being mindful of personal hygiene and avoiding handshakes and hugs. It's obvious that the precautions are working because there is just one confirmed case in all of Charlotte County and only 8 cases within a 60-mile radius of the Harbor.

I fully understand people's hesitance to travel and I will return all deposits in-full to those who decide to cancel. But I am rigged, ready and looking forward to guiding you on beautiful Charlotte Harbor. Your past, present and future business is greatly appreciated. I hope this post cuts through some of the hype and exaggerations.

Wash those hands often and remember, elbow bumps, not hugs after catching and releasing those fish. - Capt. Dave

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