Charlotte Harbor / Pine Island Sound Fishing Report May 4th, 2015

This week's Fishing Report


Conditions: The water level in the backcountry will be high enough to get way back in the creeks. The passes, sound and beaches will have a lot of moving water. Water temps will be in the low mid 70s and slowly rise throughout the week. The winds the first part of the week will make it really tuff fishing on the beaches.

Bait: threadfin herring, Green back Herring, pinfish, shrimp, crab

Species to target this week: Tarpon, Snook, Redfish, Seatrout, Jack Crevalle

Fishing Tactics: Tarpon will be the target later this week as the water calms down on the beach. Look for fish moving into the passes on the incoming tide. In the meantime, the deep holes in backcountry creeks should be holding redfish and snook should be hanging around the mangroves near moving water.

My Fly Fishing Tip of the Week: When the visibility drops anchor up along the bar edges and wait for the tarpon to come to you. You’ll need weighted flies and possibly even sink tip line to get down to the fish in time if they are running deep

My Spin Fishing Tip of the Week: Pass crabs drift along in the current, they don’t swim like baitfish. I have never seen a tarpon chase a crab being retrieved upstream.


7 day outlook: Temps will rebound into the mid 80s. The front will lift to the north by mid week bringing improved fishing conditions. Morning flood tides will provide good moving water all week.

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