Kennebec River Fishing Report June 27, 2016

Longtime client John Kern from Salt Lake City joined me Saturday on the Kennebec for a morning of striped bass fly fishing. We had a dropping tide as we left the marina at 5:30am. As we rounded Thorne Head the gulls were diving on bait, a sure sign the stripers were on the ledge. First drift through the gulls provided a solid hookup. 

After catching several of these schoolies we headed down river to find something larger. John was fishing with a shooting head sinking line on a 9wt rod that he built. We had an 8wt Helios 2 rigged with a floating line and a folded foam popper ready for when the bass came to surface.

We returned to the Kennebec Tavern and Marina at 11:30am after fishing several spots between Bath and the mouth of the River at Fort Popham. John boated over 20 stripers.

We have had the best June striper fishing on the Kennebec in over ten years. July looks to be every bit as good. As of this post I have 9 open days in my July schedule and 14 in August, drop me a message or call me before they are all taken. Let's go fishing!

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