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Paul Skydell Fly Fishing for Kennebec Stripers 06-23-17

Paul shows how waiting for a sinking line to get into the strike zone is so important. These stripers were holding in 10-15 feet of water. He had to get the fliy within a few feet of them to get hooked up.

Capt. Dave Pecci - Obsession Sportfishing

Sal Pulieo fishing for striped bass on the Kennebec River

Sal was hammering the stripers in 15' of water while they were feeding on 5-7" whiting. Great morning and a great angler. 

Capt. Dave Pecci - Obsession Sportfishing

July Kennebec River Striped Bass Fishing

Despite the rainy weather we are getting some great fish this summer. 


The Kennebec River Striped Bass Fishery

The excellent striped bass fishing on the Kennebec River is not by happenstance. It comes from decades of stewardship. I recently celebrated this amazing fishery with Maine's Commissioner of Marine Resources Pat Keliher, his wife Deirdre, and daughter Kaitlin.

"A great fishery needs healthy habitat and forage. The Kennebec has both in abundance..."

Capt. Dave Pecci 6-27-22

June Fly fishing for Kennebec Striped Bass

Despite 15kt northwest wind gusting to 25kts we pushed through and got eleven nice Kennebec river striped bass on fly rod. Bill Farland got the job done with a sinking line and his great casting abilities. First spot, first cast, first fish. It was a fat 30"er weighing over 9 pounds. At that point we knew we were in for a great day. Though the wind kept us from fishing some spots, we were able get on the fish in several places. Absolutely a great day on the water.

Capt. Dave Pecci - Obsession Sportfishing

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