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  • Let's go catch some sharks on light tackle and fly!
  • Light tackle action on the Kennebec River
  • How would you like to hook into a big blue shark?
  • One of six lighthouses on the Kennebec
  • Whether you like to fly, spin or bait fish we can get you into the action
  • How about this beauty of a striped bass!
  • Fly fishing for striped bass on the flats of the Kennebec River
  • This is why we go striper fishing early in the morning!
  • We love foggy mornings on the Kennebec!

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August Fishing Forecast

The fishing has been very good all summer so far. It been a bright spot in this summer of uncertainty...

We are catching 10-20 striped bass per trip on flies and lures. No complaints about that!

Capt. Dave Aug 2, 2020

August fishing looks to be typical, warmer water and bright sunny days has the stripers feeding early and going deep by mid morning. So its out before the sun rises and back to the dock by noon. We are catching 10-20 striped bass per trip on flies and lures. No complaints about that!

I am guiding a limited schedule in August. With all the uncertainty this summer I made a business decision back in May to line up carpentry work for the summer. I do have a few days open so contact me using This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by voice / text at 207-841-1444. If I can't accommodate you, I'll get you in contact with another good Kennebec guide that can. Be safe and healthy. Capt. Dave

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