Kennebec River Eastern Casco Bay Fishing Report 09-01-16

A very busy guiding season is winding down. I've spent around 120 days on the water and I'll admit it, I'm a bit worn down. But there are things that recharge my batteries. Beautiful sunrises. Smiles of clients when the rod bends. Their wonderment when seeing eagles, seals and ospreys. Those strange and unexpected catches. Spending time with friends who were once just customers. I am a blessed man.

A very busy guiding season is winding down. I'll admit it, I'm a bit worn down but...

Fishing Report 09-01-16

​August fishing this year was better than it has been in  many years. September striped bass fishing should be great in the river and on the beaches. Offshore the sharks are going to be plentiful and  hungry.

Strange Catch - A black sea bass caught 11 miles up the Kennebec in 74* brackish water.

Smiles and memories.

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