Striped Bass Videos - Week of July 23, 2017

Another incredible week on the Kennebec River! Pretty much nonstop action every morning on flies and lures. No bate needed. Catching striped bass up to 32" in many spots on the River. Here's three videos from this week:

Bill Farland joined me again on July 25th for a fantastic morning of striped bass fly fishing. We caught over 25 fish and several over 24" the biggest one weighed in at 7 pounds and was 28" long. 

Long-time client Paul Skydell caught a bucket-load of stripers on July 26th. Paul is a master of fishing deep in heavy current with a fly rod. He fishes an 8wt. with a class 5 full sinking line. 20 plus fish with the biggest one being 27" weighing in around 6 pounds. 

George Chandler and his grandsons  Chandler and Edgar just tore up the stripers on Thursday. I honestly lost track of how many striped bass this trio caught. But, I'd you the boys could tell you exactly how many came to the boat. Grampa to top honores with a 30 1/2" fatty. Edgar got a 28 1/2 inch and Chandler got a very respectable 27 1/2 incher. Everyone caught a striper on a fly rod too!   

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