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  • Let's go catch some sharks on light tackle and fly!
  • Light tackle action on the Kennebec River
  • How would you like to hook into a big blue shark?
  • One of six lighthouses on the Kennebec
  • Whether you like to fly, spin or bait fish we can get you into the action
  • How about this beauty of a striped bass!
  • Fly fishing for striped bass on the flats of the Kennebec River
  • This is why we go striper fishing early in the morning!
  • We love foggy mornings on the Kennebec!

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Kennebec River Fishing Report July 1, 2021

Fishing Conditions: Water clarity and current levels are good. Salinity is up due to the lack of rain. Bait size varies from 1" sand eels to 9" throughout the lower 15 miles of the river. Boat traffic has increased now that the catch and release season has ended. The boat ramps still have parking spots though, even on the weekends...

If you are fishing a rip or bank with other boat set up a rotation and drift through so everyone can gets an opportunity.

Capt. Dave Pecci
Please be patient with each other. If you are fishing a rip or bank with other boat set up a rotation and drift through so everyone can gets an opportunity. Stemming the tide with a trolling motor or anchoring in the drift ruins the fishing for everyone and you won't be able to present your fly or lure as effectively as when drifting. 

Type of bait fish are feeding on: Sand Eels, Juvenile Atlantic Herring, Adult Atlantic Herring, River Herring, Eels, Shad, Menhaden.

Water temperature inshore: 72*

Water temperature offshore: 62*

7-day outlook: This holiday week will provide great fishing opportunities although some there will be some shower and rain to deal with. The best tides will be mid-day.

Best techniques: Fish the ledges and rips on the outgoing tides this week for the best action. Watch for the birds, they will tell where the action is.

My tips of the week: When the sun gets bright the fish go deep. A fish finder and 350gr. or 450gr. Depth Charge line will get into the action.

Me on a Busman's holiday fishing with my good friend Fred Bogue This beauty was just under 20 pounds.

Mike Wolfson does it on fly again this June in 18" of water

Doug Bear the northeast rep for Orvis and Scientific Angler with just one of several fly rod stripers. 

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