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  • Let's go catch some sharks on light tackle and fly!
  • Light tackle action on the Kennebec River
  • How would you like to hook into a big blue shark?
  • One of six lighthouses on the Kennebec
  • Whether you like to fly, spin or bait fish we can get you into the action
  • How about this beauty of a striped bass!
  • Fly fishing for striped bass on the flats of the Kennebec River
  • This is why we go striper fishing early in the morning!
  • We love foggy mornings on the Kennebec!

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The 2021 Maine guiding season has started.

​Hi everyone! June is here and so are the striped bass. There are stripers spread throughout the lower 11 miles of the river. There is an incredible amount of bait ranging in size from 1 1/2" sand eels to 8" river herring. 

2021 striped bass fishing is off to a good start.

Capt. Dave Pecci

2021 stiped bass fishing is off to a good start with fish ranging in size from 20" - 28". they are taking flies and lures readily on both incoming and outgoing tides.  Water quality is good. temps are normal for this time of year. 

Bookings are coming in fast! I currently am booked through the first week of August. I'm looking forward to spending time on the water with past friends/client and folks fishing with me for the first time. 

25" striper caught on fly

schools of bait up to 20' deep are spread throughout the lower 5 miles of the Kennebec

26" striper caught on spinning gear

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