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  • Let's go catch some sharks on light tackle and fly!
  • Light tackle action on the Kennebec River
  • How would you like to hook into a big blue shark?
  • One of six lighthouses on the Kennebec
  • Whether you like to fly, spin or bait fish we can get you into the action
  • How about this beauty of a striped bass!
  • Fly fishing for striped bass on the flats of the Kennebec River
  • This is why we go striper fishing early in the morning!
  • We love foggy mornings on the Kennebec!

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Yes, I will be Guiding on the Kennebec this Summer

Hi all, its been quite a while since I did a post. Crazy times for sure.

Barb and I are well and in Maine. We flew up from Florida on Feb 18th for what was going to be a two week stay but as the pandemic gained its grasp on America and all our lives, we remained in Maine.

I would like to thank all of you who have reached out to check on us and those who have offered to send deposits and in some cases payment in full for charters during the upcoming summer striper season. Your thoughts prayers and offers to help financially has meant so much. I have dusted off my carpentry tools and have been doing projects to generate cash flow. I am taking on outside work to protect my customers and myself from the virus as much as possible. I am grateful and blessed to have a trade considered "essential" to fall back on.

"Barb and I both have rediscovered our surroundings. So much goes unnoticed as we go about our busy lives. I can't remember the last time I took time to watch ospreys repair their nest..."

Capt. Dave 5/20/20

To those of you who were not able to fish with me in Florida this year; I wish you safety and health as we weather this storm. We will fish together next year.

On May 11th Barb and I flew back down to Florida to close the house up and drive home with my boat and fishing gear. It was interesting to see how people, communities and businesses are coping with covid-19 along the east coast.

We are now in our 14-day quarantine here in Maine. We are planting our first vegetable garden in years and I plan on going turkey hunting when not getting the boats and fishing gear ready. Barb and I both have rediscovered our surroundings. So much goes unnoticed as we go about our busy lives. I can't remember the last time I took time to watch ospreys repair their nest or mallard hens with their ducklings paddle around in the pond. Or a chipmunk running across the lawn as Scotty the westie decides to chase it or not.

I am planning to guide this summer, albeit a limited schedule. There will be a few covid19 protocols. Mostly pertaining sanitizing before and after fishing. We will have to wear face coverings and use hand sanitizer. You will have to bring your own snacks and drinks. (Sorry, there will not be any of Barb's banana bread or blueberry cake this summer.) Payment transactions will be by credit card or Venmo.

It is a different world; we will adapt and make the best of it. Wishing you all a healthy summer!

And a huge shout out to those folks putting themselves at risk providing for all our daily needs. Please know you are appreciated. You all are in our prayers daily. THANK YOU for what you do.

I leave you for now with this picture from our patio in Maine. Capt. Dave

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